Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SEASON Challenge #2

On the 15th of each month, we will post SEASON photos. This will include such topics as "Signs of Spring," Winter's Fury, Summer Lushness, Fall Colors, etc. To post to this challenge on a date other than the 15th, be sure to change the date on the Post and comment Options on the lower left to Feb 15, March 15, April 15, etc. Include the actual date of the photo, if desired, since the posting date will not necessarily be the taking date or the editing date. Leave a comment below if you need further assistance.


valerie said...

mary, I can see how well acquainted you are with photoshop looking at your gallery. Some of my favourites are the inch worm, Sara and the flower, patterns & ice, the bard window with self portrait.... and the wake rose is so delicate looking, it looks as if you would be afraid to touch it for the delicacy of it......wonderful. val

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! Thank you so much Val for your very kind and generous comments! I really appreciate it!!! I do use Photoshop a LOT, sometime just for a little punchy color or contrast, sometimes for extensive work. I want the original image to be the best possible, and then I want to take it as far as possible with Photoshop. It is also really helpful to hear which pictures are people's favorites in case I do a show--it helps me pick. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

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