Friday, March 03, 2006

Antiques Shop outtake

Shopfront lovers' heaven here in Coggeshall - a quaint market town.
Cropped to what I hope is the best composition. I really wanted to pick the brass plate up and move it over to the left but thought I might get arrested. However this arrangement is growing on me.
I did have a polarising filter on but I was still getting many reflections. With this one I used the Exposure button under Adjustments in CS2 and took the offset lever down to get the darker inside of this window. It happened to work on this shot but not on some others. (I love that button)


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Very nice, LOVE that bronze plate!!! I like the drawings or paintings peeping through and the dark background.

What is the offset button? Of coruse, my CS2 is on the blink--except on the Libretto with its tiny screen.

Is the window line perfectly horizontal?

moo said...

It was new to me when I got CS2. Under Adjustments there is an Exposure choice and in there you can up and down the exposure plus there are 2 other buttons one is offset and the other is gamma. I presume they must be similar to fiddling with curves which I never understand - simply fiddle with until I like what I see!! Same here!!

moo said...

No the line is not horizontal. If I move it one way it will be worse the other. I guess I was being lazy and tried to put it somewhere in between. I do have a whole magazine article telling you how to fix stuff like that but somehow never seem to have got around to doing it.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I could explain several easy ways to fix it if you wanted--depends on if you want to enter it soemhwere else--some are sticklers about that stuff.

Anonymous said...

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