Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Off Season, Abandonment Image No 3

Can you imagine the difference in this scene on a bright summer's day when every buouy would have a brightly coloured boat moored to it. At low tide there is not a lot of room for manouvre and you have to know where the deep channels are. They are of course right along the line of buoys so you have to stay close to the boats.

I was on my way home after taking sunset shots. I thought the show was over but when I drove up to this scene I knew I had to stop. Though the sun had been down for at least 20 minutes the clouds were still pinky orange and they reflected in the water. I did actually move the red buouy in the foreground which was in line with the withy, its reflection and the other yellow and black buoy. I figured it would balance the picture up to move it to the left.


valerie said...

beautiful colour, just a question about the photo itself, what is the line from the "rock" is it a reflection of something? sorry having a bit hard time discerning. Lucky you to have these colours.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

This is a very interesting picture, and moving the buoy did help balance it. For landlubbers, though, it took a lot explaining. And there are various items in the picture I don't udnerstand. (Theother one, the boat one, is too cool!) I do like this, I just think it's not quite as striking as the other--but I don't know what the judges would think.

moo said...

Val there us no rock. It is all mud and that line is where a boat has been moored in the mud at low tide and left a mark. Probably a big barge or something. I do have pictures of the whole of the imprint of a barge which is kind of fun but the pictures are too fussy with lots of boats all over the place.
The whole of that mud you see is completely covered over at high tide and even goes out into the road.

moo said...

Would love to know what you don't understand Mary (when you have time).
I kind of liked the simplicity of the picture and the emptiness of it, especially for this theme.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Yes, for the theme it is great!!!! I love the colors and I think the balance is great. Nice composition.

What is that stick, is it the withy? It seems a little distracting. But of course if it is essential to the picture, then it has to be there. And anyway, it does help balance the red buoy in the foreground. KATE, I DO lke this picture.

What I meant by the comment is that it might be more effective and evocative for saling folk tha for people who have nothing to compare it to. I don't KNOW whst it looks like in season. But I do like it and think it's pretty. Someone in Iowa or Kansas might find the colors and comp compelling and pretty, but would not have the same enjoyment as someone in Messng or on Cape Cod. I didn't mean to be critical.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Sorry about all the typos. This keyboad is VERY TINY!

Anonymous said...

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