Sunday, April 30, 2006

Season Outtake: yellow violets at the Black River

Season Outtake: yellow violets at the Black River, photo by Mary Stebbins. Click on image to view larger. From our photo expedition yesterday. Taken with 17-40 mm zoom rather than the macro becase I wa having camera trouble. Posted by Picasa

Season Outtake: Black River in Spring

Season Outtake: Black River in Spring, photo by Mary Stebbins. We spent the day here yesterday, taking pictures and havbing fun together. Did I mention we set our wedding date for June 10? Click on image to view larger. Posted by Picasa

"Family" by Keith

Keith and I went out photographing today at the black River--he took this of me.

My camera is acting up and may have to be sent to be repaired! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Season Outtake for Val

Val you wanted me to get up closer to the sheep so this one is for you.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

People Outtake: Boy with Shell

People Outtake: Boy with Shell, by Mary Stebbins. Here is the boy wanting to show us his abalone shell but too shy to come out from behind it. Click on image to view larger. Posted by Picasa

People Outtake: Unhappy Boy

People Outtake: Unhappy Boy. This is an Arabian Boy in Detroit at Belle Isle whose Father wanted him to pose for us. He was shy and did not want to. I thought it was evocative of certain moods. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 24, 2006

April 24 Theme: People

The people-theme photos are due on or around the 24th and the outtakes are due on or around the day before or after.

Val's Trotter adj

You may not like what I did here. For one thing, some of the detail is lost on the horse. Yours has more detail.

This is what I did:

in a duplicate layer, I hit auto contrast (under adjustments)--you can fade it afterwards if you want), add a touch of saturation and a sky gradient. Posted by Picasa

People Intake #3: Speaker

People Intake #3: Speaker, photo by Mary Stebbins. This is a published author giving a talk at the Y in Syracuse. I'll put her name in when I locate it. Posted by Picasa

People Intake: Chilling on Lakeshore

People Intake: Chilling on Lakeshore, photo by Mary Stebbins. Click on image to see larger. I loved discovering this unknown person watching the ships and the gulls. Posted by Picasa

People Intake, Rebecca Hoeing Sepia

People Intake, Rebecca Hoeing Sepia, same picture in sepia for that old-tymey look. Posted by Picasa

People Intake: Rebecca Hoeing

People Intake: Rebecca Hoeing, photo by Mary STebbins, click on image to view larger. We did finally go to Greenfield Village today and I took over 300 pictures!!! Don't worry though, I won't post them all! Posted by Picasa

Maasai Patterns

Homespun well worn patterns at Loliondo.

People in Crowds

at a meeting point at the end of the marathon. There was a lady in the foreground all blurred. Very difficult to stop them walking past. I cloned her out. She was even covering up the people and the bottom of the left hand windows in the mansion underneath the London Eye. I didn't bother with any layering as I was trying to rush it I guess but I was so happy to find a new tool behind the healing brush called the patch tool. It was new to me and I just selected where I wanted it changed and you could slide along and the r/h windows came just in the right position. Magic really!!

Sisters are Doing It

Running for Whizz Kids. A touch of Ambience from VP. A touch of buzz too.

People do the Silliest Things

in the London Marathon. Geoff has only just put my buzz back on and this needed something to hide the graininess. So I just redid it before I uploaded it. I think it improves it and I am wondering now if it might be worth putting a bit more work into it with a different background say of more crowds. I am not happy with the white ambulance.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Family variation 2 on Tom and Rita

Family variation 2 on Tom and Rita, photo by Mary Stebbins, click on image to view larger. This is the same picture cropped and treated with paint daubs (I don't have buZZ) and with lighting effects. Posted by Picasa

Family: Man and Wife (Tom and Rita)

Family: Man and Wife (Tom and Rita), photo by Mary Stebbins. CLick on image to view larger.

This is a picture of my brother, Tom, and his wife, Rita, up in Maine last October. When I go to Greenfield Village, I will resubmit a picture for the people category.

I really like the look of this picture, it reminds me a little of a famous painting. The expressions. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006

April 17 Theme: Reflections

Reflections posts are due on or around April 17 and the outtakes on or around the day before or after.

Reflections Intake: Keith and Goose in Oriental Garden, Cranbrook

Keith and Goose in Oriental Garden, Cranbrook f/9.5, 1/250s, 150mm, ISO 400 late afternoon, Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. This is one of my intakes for our reflection theme. Click on image to view larger. Posted by Picasa

Reflections by Keith (Mary)

From Greenfield Village Posted by Picasa


I liked the wibbly wobbly reflectins caused by the wake of the duck. They were made when she swam over to me thinking I had some bread for her. I didn't so she swam back again.

REFLECTIONS Intake - Reeds

What would I do without my woods! This is in Pods Wood. They have recently cleared lots of new growth around the lake here. It is not a natural lake. They dug it out in order to encourage different bird life. This is the same lake as the highly buzzed one in the outtakes.

REFLECTIONS Intake - Pines

Another lake which is right through the woods. It is a fishing lake. This is very close to the rampart where Queen Boadica made her last stand against the Romans.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Although this one was shot before I knew of this theme it is one that I played around with that was similar to two other posts in my BP gallery. I was never sure whether to post it or not. I thought as it fit in with this theme I would see what you girls think. It is reflections on ice one hour after sunrise and it has been buzzed rather more than I ususually buzz. Plus a bit of history brush to bring back the trees in the background which completely disappeared with the buzz. I put a wee border on it just for myself as my usual viewing programme has a black background and I like to make the edge clearer if I have cropped it.


Not a pool in my closest woods but one which is about three miles walk through the other woods. It is back around where we lived before we moved to Messing.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

just an outtake. the weekend we went to the touristy town, my girlfriend and I, we went into this "blacksmith shop" and thats where I took this photo and the crystal photo and the broom lady.... I thought this looked warm. I cloned out some stuff around it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Self-portrait Outtake with Keith and bikes, color

My bike is the Triumph tiger with the bright ORANGE tank. Click image to view larger. (See with kiss) Posted by Picasa


Mmmmm, junk food--my son Graham Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 10, 2006

Self-Portrait Theme: APRIL 10

Self-Portrait Theme pictures are "due" April 10 but they can be posted before or after. If you change the dates to April 10, they will all be together, but this is optional, not mandatoy.

Outtakes from before that are due April 9 (or anythime) and outtakes after that are due on the 11th (or anytime.)

poor old canadian glad winter is over in her Vogue
model hat..??? ain't she a beauty???

SP INTAKE - Me as Myself

Alone in the woods making a fool of myself! I took a whole load of these but they didn't turn out as good as they could have as I didn't check the camera settings. I had previously put the camera on manual focus as it was having trouble focusing on Wandering Juanita. Fortunately it was on f18 so it was acceptable or I would have had to go back and do it all again. I can never tell if anything is properly in focus or not from the camera screen even with my glasses on and zooming in. It is not until I get it back on the computer that I can tell.
The green wellies were my Christmas Present from Geoff. My old ones were letting in water. These ones are neoprene and much warmer so you don't have to wear extra socks. Wellies are very British and Green Wellies are very British Country Style. But these are actually French Wellies. You may or may not know that Wellies are Wellingtons named after the Duke of Wellington who may or may not have worn them. They are the best thing to wear in the winter in the wet. But this winter we have not had enough wet. Believe it or not there are hosepipe bans in many parts of the country.

SP INTAKE - Figuring out the Sudoku

I just love the throw behind me. Pat, my sister-in-law from WI knitted it for me. I cuddle up to it sometimes instead of turning the heating up. My little contribution to global warming!

Self-portrait with Keith and Bikes

Self-portrait in Sepia with Keith and Bikes, by Mary Stebbins. Click on image to view larger. (I'm going to post a color copy of this as an outtake so you can see the color of my bike. I like the sepia because it gives it a bit of an old-tymey look) Posted by Picasa

when you wish upon a star......... my babooshka hat,


SP INTAKE - The Long Read

All settled down to a nice book. Shame I have to keep getting up to look at the pictures on the camera!