Monday, July 31, 2006

Family: Erin

This is my daughter, Erin, 6-24-06 at OLP West shore in her Oscar the Grouch shirt. She is 30 years old this year. Click image to view larger. Posted by Picasa

Family: Sara

This is my daugher Sara who is 32 ears old, taken at OLP 6-24-06. She has a Canon digital Rebel. Posted by Picasa

Family: Margaret

This is my Mom, Margaret, at the nursing hoe 6-24-06, not sleeping, but resting. Posted by Picasa

Just us

Just us, in from of my house in Kimbrook where we've been working. Posted by Picasa
Delivering the piano: I inherited this piano from my Aunt when she died and we drove it across Canada to Detroit. Graham took lessons on it, but we got him a bigger piano so Keith drove it back across Canada and delivered it to my daughter Sara and her partner, Erwin. Busy busy busy!!! Posted by Picasa

Fence (July 31 Special): Musk Mallow

For one of my July 31 specials, I'm entering a "fence" picture from an old theme. Mary Stebbins Taitt Posted by Picasa

Do Stay Cool

Something a little different for the July 31 open day.

Hope you stay cool!

Love, Mary XOX

I did this on Photoshop. Posted by Picasa

Suday Morning at Loretto

My mother Margaret, me, and my daughter Sara at the Nursing Home. Actually taken 8/6/06 Posted by Picasa

trres between corn rows. thought I'd try black & white for a change.....

Zach & the dirt pile

swinging the kid

my daughter Jennifer and Zachary

daddy I don't want to go.....

my co-workers daughter (front with silver scarf) going to the prom this week. ah youth!!

shower time

in the Barrie fountain

where's grandma?

my son and his family:

Ella, Anne, Hannah, Jason

at July 1 parade

"family intake"

Family, Sisters

Erin and Sara, 6-24-06 Posted by Picasa

Calm Sea Favourite

I still have hundreds to get through and am only at the beginning of editing the Round the Island shots but although I don't think this is the best composition I really love this one. I like how it captures so much of what is going on in the race including showing the guy in the yellow boat still has his keel up, and although he is not on a reach (sailing in same direction as wind) I guess with the little wind he didn't need the keel down to stabilise the boat so he would go faster with it up. I think the fishing boat spoils the composition but I like it there anyway.

Seagull on Post Favourite


Red White and Blue Favourite

More boats I'm afraid!! Fairly near the start of the Round the Island, West Mersea. I reckon this one might make a nice birthday card.
Needless to say, since it is a favourite, I will be putting it on BP so no need to comment twice.


Mia blowing out her 4 candles on her Disney Princess Castle cake. I did a lot of work on this as I combined two pictures. The best one of Mia had Holly in the background looking "durrrrr"! Touch of ambience added but I can't remember why!


Mia's 4th birthday party. Stiflingly hot day and her Disney Princess Cake was collapsing in the heat. She was fascinated with it as was Holly who is looking on.


There used to be Geoff and Beryl and they begat Andrew and Alison.
Andrew married Layla a Peruvian who has a daughter called Maria Fernanda who is now 14 and is going through a very difficult stage of not being interested in school and you can guess what she is interested in. They have Mia who is going to be 4 in July and will start full time school in September.
Alison married Derek and they have Alec 9 and Hannah 6.

There also used to be me (Kate) and Eric and we adopted Sammy when she was 6 weeks old. She has married Phil a farmer and they have Thomas 7 and Holly 5.

Now there is me (Kate) and Geoff and we begat Charlotte who is 30. I do have somewhere a shot of our extended families - one with all Geoff's family and one with mine but I fear that would be even more confusing.


Maria Fernanda and Mia. Maria Fernanda is our stepgranddaughter from Peru.


Thomas playing Happy Birthday to you for Alec. He has a ways to go before catching up on Graham.


In a clockwise circle from top left:
Hannah, Alec, Mia, Thomas, Holly. Thomas and Holly belong to Sam and Phil.


Sammy and Holly taken at
Hannah's 6th birthday party last March.


The girs from left: Hannah, Mia, and Holly. Mia belongs to Andrew and Layla (Peruvian) and Holly belongs to Sammy and Phil.


Alec and Hannah who belong to Alison and Derek. Alison is Geoff's daughter from his first marriage to Beryl.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

the rock

We chose platinum (boy is it heavy) and a small rock tightly bound for my active lifestyle. Posted by Picasa

Nellie & Shadow

my Mother's neighbour, she wanted a photo of her & her cat to send to her brother in Holland, big cat!!

(people outtake)

Friday, July 28, 2006

a stand of trees between rows/fields of corn

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Theme for July 24: Trees, Leaves and tree and leaf-like objects as compositional elements

Theme for July 24: Trees, Leaves and tree and leaf-like objects as compositional elements. This could be any tree-like or leaf-like objects such as poles, masts, ferns, horsetails, etc. Post intakes on Monday July 24 and outtakes on the 23rd and 25th (or anytime).

Ideas include using these elements as lines, angles, patterns, balance etc.

Monday, July 24, 2006

d.o.f. not the greatest example, like the weeds..

MACRO DOF - Honeysuckle

Taken with 70-300 zoom on full zoom. Macro lens is on my shopping list for next year if I am lucky!

MACRO DOF - Elderflower

Good for Elderflower cordial or Elderflower wine.

MACRO DOF - Hogweed Edited

Following Mary's suggestion I have extended the canvas and part cloned/part layered to complete the right hand hogweed and include background beyond.

Much better thanks. I shall now post to BP so don't bother commenting on BP.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

OUTTAKE: Horsetails and Grass Patterns

OUTTAKE: Horsetails and Grass Patterns, by Mary Stebbins, clck image to view larger.

I decided to use this because the horsetails look like miniature trees and the grass blades are nice vertical elements like tree trunks. Together they form a pleasing patern. Posted by Picasa


A barrel of fun: Trees as compositional elements. I took this in Hamilton, Ontario Canda today (6-22) on my way back to NY. Click image to view larger. I had some "better ones" but left them in MI. Posted by Picasa

surviving the winter by a thread