Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thomas in Reverse

I didn't like his blurry face going forwards so in this one I pulled him backwards. I do have the rest of the picture that could go in this but thought I'd try a crop.

Talk about your indecision Mary. I have more in/out takes than you.

Thomas is Worried

He thinks the bend is coming up too soon after the bridge and hopes there will not be a derailment.

Forgot to say that apart from the first one the rest were all done after Hannah went to bed on self timer with me pushing. I wanted his face to show so left him still for about half the exposure time of 8 seconds then pushed very slowly.

Thomas on Top

Thomas made it to the top of the bridge pulling all the carriages.

Thomas applies the brakes

We had to have a lot of carriages so that you could not see anybody pushing them along.

Thomas on the Viaduct

This was one of the first before I had set up the scenery below. Hannah just pushed this.


I am not happy with where the tree is right behind his wrist. I had a wee go at removing it but it wasn't good enough and I decided it was probably not worth the time spent anyway.

Alec bought this gocart with money he has been saving up from birthdays over a few years.


This was a zoom in or out with a long exposure of 8/1 which I suppose means 1 eigth of a sec and f29.

Still trying with this one!

MOTION BLUR Determination

Alec is determined not to let a girl pass him.

Just a pan really but a bit of motion in his foot


Definitely an outtake

MOTION BLUR Last leaves holding on

This was hand held camera movement plus tweaking the levels . The only one to even call an outtake! Kind of weird!

Thomas in a Hurry Again

Had another go with Thomas while I was babysitting last night. Then I put the red background in instead of the brick wall.

Blurred Motion #8 Graham Baking #2

 Posted by Picasa

Motion Blur #7 Graham biking

Darn tree! I fon't think I could clone it out, might be able to crop it, but I'd lose tjhe cool shadow. Posted by Picasa

Blurred Motion #6: Goose in flight

Goose in Flight, Blurred motion hopeful #6 by Mary Stebbins, click on image to see larger. Posted by Picasa

Blurred motion in or Outtake #5: Chickadee in Flight

Chickadee in Flight, by Mary Stebbins. This is the one I thought I'd post. I really like it and it might still be my favorite, but I'm no longer sure. Click on image to see larger. Posted by Picasa

Blurred Motion #4: Sunset in the forest

Sunset in the forest, by Mary Stebbins. Aiee! How can I decide?

The whole blurred thing is not my thing to begin with! Posted by Picasa

Burred motion in or outtake #3: the forest again

The Forest again Blurred, photo by Mary Stebbins. I took a TON of these and not only don't know which I like, but dont even know which to psot as possible choices. Posted by Picasa

Blurred Forest in Fog, In or Outtake #2

Blurred Forest in Fog, photo by Mary Stebbins, Click on image to see larger. Posted by Picasa

"Wreath" Blurred motion In or Outake??? #1

I ROTATED the camera over these branches and cones on the forest floor. Photo by Mary Stebbins. Click on image to view larger. Posted by Picasa