Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thomas in a Hurry Again

Had another go with Thomas while I was babysitting last night. Then I put the red background in instead of the brick wall.


moo said...

Oh piddle there are some marks on this. I may have done something stupid when I created the fill mask and changed it to a gradient. I am sure they were not there before. Or hmmm, they may be where I was using the brush to take off where I did not select "Henry" properly. Maybe I did that once I'd put the gradient on and that is why it is showing up.
If you don't like this pic then I maybe won't bothe to put it right.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Certainly is bright and colorful!

It's weird that my perception is that it is going backwards rather than forward.

I do like the bright colors and the fact that you can clearly see the movement!

moo said...

Your perception is right! Thomas suddenly remembered he was meant to pick up the Fat Controller at the last station and screeched to a halt after reaching the top of the bridge. Then he had to reverse all the way back.

I think you must have read the story?

Anonymous said...

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