Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fence Intake: Border Crossing

Border Crossing at Niagara, by Mary Stebbins. Here is my Official Fence picture. I took it tonight at the Border Crossing at Niagara, after driving across Canada. I have a bunch of outtakes too! Click on image to view larger. Posted by Picasa


moo said...

Doesn't look like you had to wait too long. Glad you didn't get arrested Mary! I took a picture of the border crossing betwen Rwanda and Uganda and they didn't like it at all. This is somewhat different to that crossing though. It looks very space age and impressive. Sparkly clean night shot!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I was geuinely nervous, taking this!!! Cops all over, glowering at me, but they didn't tell me not to so I did.

It was late on a Tuesday night Off-season. Come here on a Saturday night in the summer and you'll WAIT!! LOL!

Thanks for the comment. I liked the way the fence posts seemed to echo the inspection booths.

Anonymous said...

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