Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Metrobeach Light in Snowmelt Fog

Metrobeach Light in Snowmelt Fog, by Mary Stebbins.

This is one of my three official submissions for the "Off Season" Theme. I made this, not from whole cloth, but from pieces. I took the original picture at Metrobeach at a miniature Golf course. I psoted some of the steps at BP. I spent so much time working on it that I also had to submit it at BP because I didn't have time to submit anything else.

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moo said...

I think this is wonderful work. Very imaginative Mary. I love the colours especially the blue. I think the ducks might have been better transposed so they look like they are swimming away from the tower.
It is totally looney, the whole concept of having a lighthouse with a rough icy sea/lake at the back which flows straight into a calm, glass surfaced lake with smooth reflections.
Now who would choose to have a lighthouse here? Hmmm - could it be that crazy lady with the big imagination?

valerie said...

loonie lighthouse, I thought it was Italian leaning a bit like old Pizza.... but I have no imagionation and this sure took alot of wirk and thought. where did Kate want the ducks to swim to?? hats off...

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, gals! After all the work I did on this, it is a long ways from perfect, but it was fun and I learn a lot with every attempt.

I was picturing the lighhouse wbeing art of a breakwater like bug light in Maine so that the water out would be rough but on the inside, calm.

Anonymous said...

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