Monday, May 15, 2006


The fence again. I tried to improve on the last one which had too shallow depth of focus. I didn't have the tripod with me so I think I upped the ISO to get a smaller aperture and so get more in focus. Even so the first two posts were not in focus so I borrowed them from another picture and used skew to get them and the shadows to align. Also had to distort the first post a bit bigger. And then I didn't like the grass in Don's field as he had only just cut it and it was all laying dead on the top so I borrowed the grass from another day and had to skew and distort that as well. I wish the shadows were exactly the same as my last picture. I don't like the angle they are at so much.
I prefer it in black and white. The way I converted it was following a suggestion in a magazine. I used the channel mixer and set it to monochrome then adjusted the RGB sliders. Then I tried different coloured filters on top and settled for the violet one.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! What a lot of work! But I think it was worth it--this is a wonderful picture. Very Very nice!!! I love it in BW!!! You did good work here. Mary :-)

PS, thanks for sending the link because I haven't been looking down lately just too busy! Need to get caught up!

Anonymous said...

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