Monday, July 03, 2006

new season, bringing in the hay, the old fashioned way.


moo said...

I hope you didn't get run over and squashed taking this Val! It looks like you were flat on the ground. I absolutely love the POV it makes it look so so high.
This is an absolutely incredible shot. I love it to bits. Just imagine how that little boy feels standing up there holding the reins! Almost makes me jealous of their way of life! No safety strap or helmet!
It looks like you must have had to clone something out on the right hand side as the edge of the hay has got little round shapes.
If you could try to get this perfected surely this would be a winner. I am thinking maybe you could make a new layer of the left hand side where the hay has lots of nice straggly ends and rotate it around to the right shape for the other side and layer it on top of the right hand side. Or possibly just duplicate the whole image and rotate it until it is the right angle and then clone the edges from that. Then enter it in the competition.

valerie said...

that layer you mentioned I have never done or attempted, nor did I know it could be done. I'm glad you like the photo.... did have trouble on the hay side. there was a large tree and with it behind them it was hard to see them. is there an easy way of explaining this to me?

moo said...

Well I will attempt to but I am sure Mary will do it better when she shows up. If you select the long side of the hay on the left hand side with some sky and some hay. You could even use the rectangle tool to do this. Then go to "Layer" at the top and scroll down to New - Layer via copy. Once you have that layer and are in that layer you then go to Edit - Transform - Rotate and then rotate it so it is at the same angle as the bit you want to replace then use the pointer to move it over to that bit and cover up the imperfections. If you have made it too big you can cut bits off of it by using the lassoo tool round the bits that need cutting off and then just press delete.
If and when you are happy then you go to Layer - Flatten. Then if there are any other bits to tidy up you could do that with the clone tool or even the bandage above the clone which is the healing brush and that blends stuff in to match colours more.

Let me/us know if there is anything you don't understand. I am sure this will be worth working on.