Tuesday, March 07, 2006

abandonment #3

A little caboose, lost his train and don't know where to find him........ I think it looks forlorn. BUT someone uses this in the summer a s a summer camp. It was 7:30+ am and the sun wwas on the right side of the caboose, so I stopped and used him for my #3. A bit of natural framing. Touched up the colour a bit.


moo said...

You learn something every day don't you. I never realised what a caboose was. I must have thought it was a cross between a moose and a caribou LOL! I was looking everywhere for him in your picture Val!!!! So I went on line to find out and there are so many historical organisations that would love pictures of cabooses:


The lighting is just perfect with the trees in the shade looking through to the caboose in the light. I love it Val.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I love cabooses, I've always been interested in them since I was a child and my father worked for American Locomotive and my uncle was a train engineer and we used to ride teh trains from Schectady to Grand Central station. We used to walk through the trains from car to car and drool at the dining car, gawk at the sleeping can and watch the engineer drive. Our favorite of course was the caboose,. where some of the trainmen took their coffee breaks. They would give us treats and show us around.

This is a nice shot of an old caboose cum trailer. Very common trasformation of an increasingly uncommon artifact.

I once had a "vision" with someone I had just met and I said, I keep seeing cabooses when I look at you and he said he had just pruchased an old caboose and moved it to his back yard.

I like the long blue shadows and the contrasty lighting--they evoke a sense of loss, of passing. I wonder if you took the same scene just a little earlier if the lighting would be a little harsh on the sunny side of the caboose. Is the a place you can return to?

I love the framing with the trees. I wonder if you could move in slightly closer without losing the framing effect.

I may not do any more commenting because I have to leave THIS MORNING to drive to Baldwinsville in Upstate NY, 416 miles away and two border crossing.

Nice shot, Val!

valerie said...

this is sort of on my way to work, and there is a fence so hard to get closer. Maybe with a different lens. I'm going back again. Now you know about cabooses.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

it would be fun to do it in every season and in different lights etc.

Anonymous said...

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